Hair disease

Hair problems

Healthy, long, thick and beautiful hair improve your personality. Hairs also act as a reflection of healthy state of inner body.

Hair according to ayurveda is termed as ‘Kesh’. Its synonyms are ‘Kuntal’, ‘Chikur’, ‘Rom’ etc. Hair is mala of Asthi Dhatu. It is having Pitruj Bhav. It is mainly made up of Prithvi Mahabhuta. According to ayurveda hair formation starts during sixth month of intrauterine life.

Due to today’s hectic lifestyle, mental stress, consumption of fast food, bakery products, Chinese foods, salty food and Hair Cosmetics treatment lead to skin & hair damage and give rise to many problems.

As per modern science, hair grows in three phases-

Anagen Phase

This phase determines the length of the hair. This is the growing phase of the hair. Our scalp hair are in Anagen phase for almost 7 years. This resembles to ‘Kapha Kal’ according to ayurveda.

Catagen Phase

In this phase hair follicles stop growing and get converted into club hair. It refers to ‘Pitta Kal’ according to ayurveda.

Telogen Phase

It is a phase of shedding of hair shaft. It is called as Resting phase of follicle. This phase closely resembles to ‘Vata Kal’.

Aggravated Pitta dosha is mainly responsible for damage of hair follicle and results in hair fall and premature greying of hair.

Imbalanced Kapha dosha may lead to form more dandruff and turns the hair to fall. Also, vikrut or excessive Vata results in brittle or dry hairand loose its lustre and shine.

Looking Towards the Daily Hair Care:-

Firstly identify your hair type.

Vata Hair

Dry, thin, less hair density, rough and curly sometimes. Tends to have more fizzy hair and flaky dandruff.

Care : Recommended to oil your hair two to three times per week with sesame or castor oil. Also, oil which is infused with herbs like Bhringraj, Shatavari, Yashtimadhu etc.

Pitta Hair

Pitta hair tends to be slightly yellowish or golden in colour. Medium thickness and density. Straight or slightly wavy in nature. Due to aggravated Pitta Dosha, these hairs tend to be early grey and early damaged.

Care :Use coconut oil infused with amla, hibiscus, lotus, or other herbs which are cool in nature.

Kapha Hair

Kapha Hair is thick, black smooth and strong in nature. Excess Kapha may lead to excess sebum secretion and may block the hair follicle and can have oily dandruff.

Care :Use herbs like reetha, shikakai, triphala for hair wash. Oil infused with herbs like neem, Bauchi etc. can be used.

  • Eat healthy and fresh meal rich in iron and calcium.
  • Do regular yoga, pranayama and meditation.
  • Dry your hair with cotton towel and not with hair dryer.
  • Don’t use very hot water for hair wash.
  • Use ayurvedic herbs as hair mask or hair pack.
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