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Beauty care

Beauty problems

Beauty is a mirror of your Physical,mental and Spiritual wellness.Ayurvedic beauty care isn't a new concept.According to Ayurveda beauty care is caring and also maintaining the beauty that one is born with. Here at SPARSHAM AYURVED we deal with the beauty issues through our Ayurvedic medicines and Ancient Therapies.

Types of skin & Care :

Vata Skin

Nature : Dry, thin, easily dehydrated, usually dark coloured,premature wrinkles may appear.

needs regular nourishing, gentle massage and .

Care : needs regular nourishing, gentle massage and hydration.

Pitta Skin

Nature : Sensitive, photosensitive, prone to freckles and moles can have rashes, acne and moisturising

Care :needs calming, cooling, Avoid discolouration. sun exposure.

Kapha Skin

Nature :Moist, oily, radiant, thick, prone to have more blackheads and acne.

Care : needs gentle exfoliation. Try dry scrub. Needs gentle Massage

Skin Care for Daily Routine:-

  • Start your day with cleansing, exfoliating and nourishing your skin.
  • Always do self massage with skin friendly ayurvedic oil.
  • Change your daily routine as per change in Ritu. For example, Vata imbalance in winter makes your skin dry, so you need extra moisture to be applied externally.
  • Do daily exercise for your physical fitness and pranayam and meditation for mental fitness
  • Have a fresh meal everyday and always keep yourself hydrated.
  • Always take a good night sleep.
  • Use herbs like turmeric, aloe vera, neem, sandalwood according to your skin type.